Experts in the Field of Health Safety 

N2S, a privileged point of contact for industries for setting up innovative projects in the field of health safety, has been a Public Interest Group for Innovation and Transfer of Technology since March 2005. Very specifically, we assist our clients in the following industries : foodstuffs, cosmetics, medicine and pharmaceuticals

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Assisting industrial research

One of N2S’s activities involves providing assistance to businesses.



N2S is continually organising and collecting, for its clients and partners, with the support of its network of experts.

Monitoring and research


A platform of standard and innovative decontamination technologies, unique in Europe.

N2S offers its clients standard or innovative decontamination technologies that respect the environment.More generally, we provide you with assistance.

Tools and technologies


Continuous training to ensure industrial performance

N2S is setting up high-level interventions within the context of continuous professional training.

Our training

Who is N2S? 

The task of N2S is to organise support for innovation and modernisation within businesses, through teaching establishments and public or private organisations with identified technical platforms centred on a common theme. 

The aim is to assure transfer of technology between the research sector and the industrial sector. It allows the equipment and human resources made available to economic actors, especially businesses, and high-level technological resources (hire of equipment, services etc) to be grouped around the same site, allowing them to conduct their R&D and innovation projects successfully. 

N2S’s areas of expertise 

A Public Interest Group for Innovation & Transfer of Technology since March 2005, the Evreux Technology Platform was created in 2001 to meet the industry’s needs and demands in the field of health safety. With a wealth of offers, we are actively involved in the foodstuff, cosmetic, medical and pharmaceutical sectors