Assistance to businesses

Assisting industrial research 

Accompanying investment in R&D at both human and financial level 

One of N2S’s activities is providing accompaniment to businesses, including major groups and medium, small and very small businesses, at all stages in their research or tool and technology development projects in the field of health safety. 

To identify R&D needs and contact those working in innovation 

Upstream, it can involve assisting with the valuation of the project: its feasibility and the need for human, financial and technological investment. But also, through its heavy involvement in local networks, it can also involve facilitating relations with private and/or public actors working on identical problems. Finally, it is support in setting up files for finance arrangements such as BPI Financement or PTR aid.

Assistance to businesses

Understanding the Research Tax Credit 

RTC is a means of supporting businesses’ research and development (R&D) activities. Companies such as yours, which invest in basic research and experimental development, can benefit from it. 

As a public research organisation (GIP), the total eligible R&D services billed by the N2S platform is taken into account at double its value in the basis for calculating RTC. For more information, please consult the Guide to RTC.