Decontamination studies

Studies of destruction of biological and/or chemical contaminants 

N2S is conducting made-to-measure feasibility studies in the field of decontamination. 

More specifically, our studies relate to the process of destroying biological and/or chemical contaminants in your products using classic, new or emerging decontamination technologies. 

N2S steers each industrial concern towards the technology best suited to their schedules of conditions, and accompanies them through the testing process to the industrialisation stage. 

Decontamination studies
Decontamination studies

Developing innovative tools in many different fields of application 

The studies that we are carrying out help our clients to develop technologies and/or innovative tools for use in the health, food and well-being industries. 

They look to treat solid, powdery, liquid and environmental surfaces, in order to combat bacteria, viruses, moulds, spores, fungi and yeast to name just some. 

Our made-to-measure assistance includes services that can be selected individually or all together. 

  • Study of potential of technologies for various products (food and cosmetics industries). 
  • Comparisons with standard technologies. 
  • Regulatory assistance. 
  • Industrial transposition. 

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us to find out all about our services. 

A few examples of application in decontamination 

Decontamination study of cosmetic packs with pulsed electron gun 

Feasibility study of decontamination of pulverisation products with pulsed light (alternative to techniques such as ionisation or heat treatment). 

Study of athermal decontamination of drinks or cosmetic liquids using turbulent UVC. 

Environmental decontamination study (manufacturing workshop for example) by photocatalysis.