Microbiology and Toxicology Studies

Our expertise in microbiological and toxicological assessment of your products and premises 

We offer a very wide and varied range of services aimed at evaluating, analysing and overcoming microbiological and toxicological risks linked to product quality. 

A few examples of studies in microbiology: 

  • Studies of interactions between a microbiota (skin/intestine) and its environment. 
  • Identification of germs. 
  • Challenge test. 
  • Deliberate seeding. 
  • Validation of schedules. 
  • Accelerated ageing. 
  • Optimisation of product life spans. 
  • Studies of microbiota interactions (skin/intestine) with environment (adhesion, biofilm, virulence etc). 

Microbiology and Toxicology Studies
Microbiology and Toxicology Studies

In toxicology: Alternative solutions to use of animals 

In our “health safety” research network we are developing innovative in vitro tests which will help satisfy the requirements of the cosmetic regulation CE 1223 / 2009 July 2013. 

  • Biocompatibility. 
  • Interaction between content and container. 
  • Passage through the skin. 
  • Eye irritation. 
  • Skin irritation. 
  • Innovative in vitro sensitisation test according to technique from J. Appl. Toxicol.2986. 
  • Transepithelial resistance measurement. 
  • In vitro toxicity evaluation models (HaCat, Caco2, A547, C. elegans, D. discoideum, reconstructed human skin). reconstruite).
  • Photosensitivity. 
  • Genotoxicity, etc.