Innovative and profitable joint projects

Speed up innovation by bringing together fundamental research into industrial problems. 

The legal independence of the FTP, its very wide network and its flexibility of organisation make it highly reactive and mean that it can very quickly put industrial concerns in touch with its partners or those of the Health Safety Centre. 

Scientific research forms part of a long-drawn-out process that does not necessarily lead to short-term applications. Despite being essential to innovation, health safety and industrial performance, research is all too often sidelined by businesses. 

The human and financial investments, associated with a misunderstanding of existing devices, are a deterrent to many companies. 

The double implantation of N2S, both in the centre of the industrial fabric and at the heart of the great research networks, doubly qualifies it to identify, assist with, and implement joint projects. N2S’s experience, professionalism and practical approach guarantees a return on investment for the businesses who call on it, both short and medium term. 

Our assistance with joint projects 


To combine skill and finance to bring about innovative projects 

N2S helps industrial concerns to combine large-scale innovation projects supported by national systems such as BPI France (such as the Beata Lux projects) or the National Research Agency (e.g : the SpiceClean project).
Au niveau régional, les projets montés dans le cadre des CPER (contrat de plan État-région) permettent de faire At regional level, the projects set up within the framework of the CPERs (State and Regional Level Contracts) bring together resources from Europe, the State and Normandy Region. All of these systems working together release human and financial synergy* centred on development of innovative decontamination technology and allow creation of prototypes that meet the industrial concerns’ needs as far as possible.

* The COS-SESA (Health Safety of Cosmetic Products) project, approved in December 2015 and involving some fifteen partners, has raised €2.6 million.