Scientific and technical monitoring

Scientific, technological, legislative and regulatory monitoring within the field of health safety 

Contributing to anticipation of change and risks, and identifying new areas of research in the fields of foodstuffs and cosmetics. 

N2S is continually organising and collecting, for its clients and partners and with the support of its network of experts, strategic and operational information concerning the environment and changes in techniques, technologies and processes in the field of health safety and more specifically in biological and chemical decontamination of products and services. 

This technological, legislative and regulatory monitoring allows its clients access to the elements needed to produce an effective innovation strategy and put together its medium-term research and development activities. 

Scientific and technical monitoring

Permanent and methodical monitoring, based on reliable and suitably qualified sources. 

On a practical level, N2S is applying a simple, tried and tested methodology centred on three axes: identification and selection of varied sources of information, data collection and storage, and finally processing and analysis. 

Our wealth of monitoring services is based on : 

  • A methodical inventory of existing or nascent decontamination, toxicological and microbiological technologies. 
  • Access to many reliable, well-referenced bibliographical databases. 
  • Publications, communications and information sent directly by researchers and post-graduate students from our network. 
  • Permanent exchanges with subsidiaries and health safety skill centres. 
  • Concentration of tools and actors in one place in the Health Safety Centre.