N2S Experts in the Field of Health Safety


N2S, a privileged point of contact for industries for setting up innovative projects in the field of health safety, has been a Public Interest Group for Innovation and Transfer of Technology since March 2005. Very specifically, we assist our clients in the following industries: foodstuffs, cosmetics, medicine and pharmaceuticals, at every stage in the development of their project : 

  • Helping define the need and compile the schedule of conditions. 
  • Advice and support in Research and Development. 
  • Assistance with research in new technologies. 
  • Feasibility studies. 
  • Management of regulatory aspects, mastery of quality. 
  • Training and skills transfer. 

N2S Experts in the Field of Health Safety
N2S Experts in the Field of Health Safety


The strength of the platform lies in the combined skills of each of its members. N2S, as a real project leader, provides its clients with the benefit of recognised scientific skills and high-performance shared technical resources, all of which allow it to get involved in many different fields : 

  • Innovative decontamination technology.
  • Evaluation, analysis and mastery of microbiological risks.
  • Evaluation, analysis and mastery of toxicological risks.
  • Chemical measurement.
  • Permeability / transdermic passage study. 
  • Materials : definition / surface analysis.

Specific industrial applications: 

  • Answers to questions of quality. Training of CHSCT personnel at the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) within the framework of a business’s cleaning and disinfection plan.
  • Research into alternative technologies to standard treatments. Pulsed light can be used in place of classic heat treatment. 
  • Improvement in process: example of technological coupling. 
  • Introduction of new offer  :
    • Development of innovative in vitro tests. 
    • Technological response to changes in regulations.