Decontamination technology

A platform of standard and innovative decontamination technologies, unique in Europe. 

N2S offers its clients standard or innovative decontamination technologies that respect the environment. More generally, we provide you with assistance in the search for technologies for mastering your procedures and products. To do this, we provide you with Halls of Technology for the following industries: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and packaging engineering. 

Decontamination technology

Some examples of innovative decontamination technologies 

Pulsed light: odourless and noiseless, it does not require any water or chemical products. Better still, this process, tried and tested for over 40 years, can be fully integrated into production lines. (link to detailed file). 

Continuous UV: a surface decontamination procedure aimed at eliminating microbes through continuous emission of UV. (link to detailed file). 

Photocatalysis: a procedure that produces a significant processing flow but requires very little space, based on activation of a catalyser by means of light energy. Photocatalysis is used in the treatment of air or water, to destroy organic pollutants. (link to detailed file). 

Some examples of process that can recreate industrial conditions

  • Formulation laboratory. 
  • Sensory analysis room. 
  • Plate pasteurisers. 
  • Temperature sensor. 
  • Heat camera. 
  • Bagging machine. 
  • Cold storage.