Microbiology platform to accompany R&D

To assist and encourage innovative microbiology projects 

N2S supports its partners and clients in providing R&D support aimed at allowing development of tools or technologies in the field of microbiology. 
In fact, in sensitive markets such as foodstuffs or cosmetics, it is essential to examine the microbiological risk. However, because of the complexity and technological cost of evaluation, a number of projects founder before they even see the light of day. In order to encourage innovative projects, N2S offers businesses and partners a so-called “microbiology platform” with many items of high-level equipment. 

Microbiology platform to accompany R&D

A richly equipped technology platform

Some of the items of equipment used in microbiology 

  • MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer (SPR/MALDI coupling). 
  • Surface Plasmonic Resonance (SPR) apparatus. 
  • L2 and L3 microbiology security laboratories. 
  • Confocal laser scanning microscope. 
  • Multimode Microplate Readers. 
  • Anaerobiosis station. 
  • Thermostated blood-pressure reader. 
  • Nanodrop. 
  • Q-PCR apparatus. 
  • 100-kg ultra-centrifuge. 
  • Cryocongelator (-140°C) and computerised Souchier. 
  • Identification software: Biotyper®, Proteomic, Lipidomic. 
  • Robot Spotter. 
  • 3D modelling server.