High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)


  • Project managers, engineers, senior technicians, technicians in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and packaging industries. 
  • The level of training can be adapted according to how the public is made up. 


  • To provide elements of theoretical understanding and practical experience necessary for using the device in current standard practice. 
  • Daily repetition of handling processes, to make independent work with the device easy and effective. 


Principles of Good Laboratory Practice prior to working in an analytical laboratory 

Theory of HPLC for current standard practice 

  • The different modules making up HPLC: pump, sample processor, oven, detector. 
  • The different columns and the various solvents used. 

Presentation of usual study subjects in the laboratory 

  • Measurement of preservative levels in cosmetic products. 
  • Measurement of UV filters in sun products. 
  • Measurement of active ingredients after flow study: 
  • Acceptance of samples after measurements. 
  • Handling of quality system, importance of traceability. 

Preparation of samples 

  • Solubilising, choice of solvents. 
  • Theoretical and practical aspects. 
  • Production of solutions from external ranges. 
  • Importance of practice and reliability of laboratory processes. 

Choice of calibration method (external direct, measured addition, internal calibration) 

  • Advantages and disadvantages of each method. 
  • Criteria of choice. 
  • Practical realisation. 

Observations from use of HPLC. Concepts of theoretical LC/MS-MS and practical observation. Concepts of theoretical GC/MS and practical observation. 

Use of a HPLC chain for routine measurements. 

Daily repetition for effective handling. 

3 days

9:00 – 17:30

2500 €

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  • The training combines theoretical explanations and practical
  • Expositions are based on the experiences of those involved 
  • A document listing all the training supports is provided