Microbiological risk assessment for products


  • Project managers, engineers, senior technicians, technicians and operators in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and packaging industries. 
  • The level of training can be adapted according to how the public is made up. 


  • To understand the various aspects of the problem of microbiological safety of products. 
  • To have a technical and regulatory referential that provides an understanding of the methodological choices in the approach.
  • To be able to understand the development and conclusions of a microbiological study report on the product. 


The principal families of micro-organisms 

Conditions under which micro-organisms grow 

  • Optimal and extreme conditions 
  • Lifestyles and the problem of biofilms 
  • Numbering and identification 

Microbiological risk to the user 

  • Ways of contamination 
  • Classification of micro-organisms 

Microbiological risk to the product 

  • Risk linked to operator and production method 
  • Risk linked to product 
  • Risk linked to container 

Means of controlling micro-organisms 

  • Analysis of technical objectives and regulatory requirements 
  • Physical decontamination techniques 
  • Chemical decontamination techniques 

Good practices in microbiology 

1 day

9:00 – 17:30

800 €


  • The training combines theoretical explanations and practical discussions 
  • Expositions are based on the experiences of those involved 
  • A document listing all the training supports is provided 

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