The N2S training centre

Continuous training to ensure industrial performance 

Increasing knowledge and know-how as well as transferring skills is now one of the principal concerns of our industrial clients. To meet that concern, we offer a wide range of training in the fields of microbiologyanalytical scienceinnovative decontamination technologyalternative toxicology and many other services with a theme based on health safety

N2S is setting up high-level interventions within the context of continuous professional training. These are particularly aimed at company directors and at executive personnelEngineers, technicians and operatives in the cosmetic and foodstuffs industry. 


Our people involved 

The PFT training facilities in Evreux are centred on themes that are designed to meet your needs and in which our people are well known for their competence and teaching skills. 

These experienced practitioners and business men and women have been selected according to their experience in the subject covered and their skills in leading training sessions. 

Administration methods adapted to suit your needs 

In-company training is ideal when you have a team to train internally. The training is held on site and adapted to meet your needs and expectation. We work with you to produce a made-to-measure system suited to your industrial background and to the training aims of your employees. 

With regard to inter-company training, we guarantee the centralisation of needs shared between  several companies. To do that, we identify similar problems or projects while ensuring that we bring together profiles that are consistent  in terms of job descriptions and skills. 

Overall, this rich and diversified training provides those who follow it with a good introduction to new techniques and technologies, and helps them update their knowledge, improve their performance and discover and share new skills.